Monday, 12 June 2017

Beer on the Brain - Where the Wild Yeasts Roam

A few days ago I posted episode 3 of my "Beer on the Brain" series. This new video looks at new science which finally identifies the wild source of Saccharomyces cerevisiae - and its not fruit or tree bark, as we long thought...


  1. Have you tried inoculating wort with an oak leaf or any kind of leaf for that matter?

    1. Not yet...that will be coming this fall. The authors of the paper in the video popped by youtube and left some suggestions for maximizing success - specifically, they recommended adding alcohol (e.g. vodka) to the wort to get a wort with a starting alcohol content of 6 or 8% (I forget the exact value, its in the video's comments). This is a very good idea, as this high alcohol content will inhibit a lot of bugs and moulds that may otherwise take over the culture.


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