Articles on making your own homebrewing equipment.
  • Upgrading a Costco kegorator. A few simply upgrades to improve the usability and convenience of your costco (or other) kegorator.
  • My take on a hop spider. A simple & cheap way of keeping hops out of your fermenter, but without losing efficiency in the boil.
  • Fancy labels for a fancy beer. A simple set of tricks to give your special brews aged-looking labels and classy waxed-tops.
  • Simple, cheap tap handles.  Attractive tap handles that cost ~$10 each and can be customized for every brew.
  • Metric Infusion Ratio's. Because multiplying by 2 is for suckers!
  • Home made Belgian Candi Sugar - my attempts at making this classic Belgian brewing adjunct.
    • Part I
    • Part II (Video) - An update of part I, plus a video showing the process.
    • "Part III" - The post is on making invert sugar, but contains useful info that can be applied to avoiding crystallization in Belgian Candi's, and for making syrups in place of hard rock candi.
    • Part III (for real) - Modifications to the procedure outlined in Part II which improve the flavour and consistency of the candi.
  • A simple time saver - A basic modification you can add to your fermentation vessels which will save you a lot of time measuring water.
  • Heat-sinking you keg lines - A simple solution for keeping the beverage lines in a keggorator from warming too much - thus preventing some foaming issues.

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