A list of the recipes currently on my blog:


November 2016: Mike Export. A Dortmunder (Helles Export) lager.

November 2016: Vinland Kveik. A viking-inspired Norwegian farmhouse ale, brewed using ingredients that would have been available to the vikings whom settled Canada's north-east coast a millennium ago. Tasting Notes.

September 2016: One brew day, several sour(ish) beers. In which I brew three sours in one day. Tasting notes on the third beer.

August 2016: Imperial Pale Lager. Recipe and tasting notes for a damned good beer. Brewed using frozen yeast from previous batches and room-temperature "lagering".

June 2016: Helles a good radler. Recipe and tasting notes for a raddler-like beer, made from the "Helles a good beer" Helles.

June 2016: Helles a good beer. Recipe, brew-day notes and tasting notes for an easy-drinking German-style Helles.

May 2016 - Don't be Bitter - Its Just A Bitter. Recipe and brew-day notes for an excellent English-style bitter.

March 2016 - Another Quick Lager. My second attempt using the warm-fermentation temperature lager method. Recipe and tasting notes for a fantastic Vienna-style lager, recipe courtesy of Five Blades Brewing.

February 2016 - Uncle Mikes Pilsner. A test run of warm-fermentation "lagers", based on the work of Brewing TV and Brülosophy. Tasting Notes.

February 2016 - Black Mamba the Third. The third edition of my black rye IPA brewed with home-grown cascade hops. Tasting Notes.


November 2015 - Triple Recipe Post. In a sadly short post I describe three recipes - this years dual-cider "brewday", plus a classic IPA brewed at my brew clubs annual "Learn to Brew" event. Hidden within this unassuming post is this years best beer (as of early December). IPA Tasting Notes

October 2015 - Well, There Gose Christmas. A cranberry, hibiscus, orange and cinnamon Gose, designed and built for the holliday season. One of the years better beers and my best kettle-soured beer to date. Tasting Notes.

September 2015 - Training wheels CPA. A citra/centennial pale ale, but with a more interesting malt profile than a typical American-style pale ale. Tasting Notes

August 2015 - Summer Rye Saison. Classic saison, but with rye instead of wheat. Tasting Notes.

July 2015 - A double-batch of Berliner Weiss, half brewed normally, half bretted for extra flavour and funk. Tasting Notes (non-bretted). Testing notes (bretted).

May 2015 - Return of the Black Mamba. The Black Imperial Rye IPA, brewed using homegrown Cascade hops, makes a return this year...this time with way more hops and a bit more booze. Tasting notes.

February 2015 - Ambrosio, The Fallen Monk. An ultra-strong Belgian Dark Strong Ale (over 20% ABV). Brewed for my upcoming 20th anniversary as a brewer.

January 2015 - Matilda, The Seductress. A Belgian Enkel which also acted as a starter for "Ambrosio, the Fallen Monk"


October 2014 - Thor's Hammer. A baltic porter inspired by an old Norwegian brew.

October 2014 - One brew day, three different ciders.

September 2014 - The re-brewing of my infected (and apparently cursed) Christmas beer, Imperium Brettania.

September 2014 - Redemption Harvest Ale. A English-style pale ale flavoured with fresh-picked home-grown Cascade hops. Tasting notes.

August 2014 - 50,002. A partigyle mild brewed from the Imperium Brettania.

August 2014 - Imperium Brettania. An all-Brettanomyces Russian Imperial Stout. Sadly this one ended badly.

July 2014 - Ephemeral Cranberry Wit. A Canadian-style wit brewed with cranberries. One of the better beers of the year! (sort of)

May 2014 - Shipwrecked Saison. A classical saison, brewed from an award-winning recipe published at HBT. Tasting Notes.

April 2014: 1-2-3-4 Rye Berliner Weiss. A Berliner Weiss made with rye, wheat, pilsner malt and four different microorganisms. This one didn't turn out so well...

March 2014: Black Mamba Rye IPA. A black IPA brewed with a hefty dose of rye malt.

March 2014: African Queen Stout. A stout brewed as part of my brew clubs Iron Brewer Challange.  A classical stout, flavoured with Grand Mariner & Amaretto. Tasting Notes.

January 2014: All-Brett Porter. An experimental porter, using Brettanomyces as the sole fermentative organism in the beer. Tasting Notes.


December 2013: Naked Singularity Stout. An attempt at re-creating a legendary brew from my early days as a homebrewer.

October 2013: SWIMBO Cider.  A basic apple cider, for the woman who rules my dreams.

October 2013: Watery Tart.  A strong ale brewed with home-grown Goldings hops.  Tasting Notes.

October 2013: 42 (Belgian Strong Dark ale).  A strong Belgian dark ale made using some homemade Belgian Candi Sugar I whipped up (Link 1, 2).  Tasting notes.

September 2013: Krampus Spiced Christmas Ale.  A high alcohol, highly spiced, brew for Christmas 2013.

August 2013: Dog Days ESB.  A classical ESB recipe perfect for late summer evenings resting on the deck.  Tasting Notes.

July 2013: Droit du seigneur Blonde.  A light summer Blonde ale (the US-style, not Belgian), good for mowing the lawn or a day at the beach.  Tasting Notes.

May 2013: Summer Sour - A basic sour-mash Berliner Weiss.  A simple recipe and a quick way to make a sour beer.  Tasting Notes.

May 2013: Summer Lemon Hefeweizen - A light summer wheat beer which combines US and European style weizens, plus adds the unforgivable sin (according to serious hefe-heads) of lemon.  Tasting Notes.

May 2013: Stupid is as Stupid Does - Watch as I completely  utterly and totally mess up the simplest beer recipe ever posted to my blog...  Tasting Notes.

April 2013: John's Saison - A saison recipe, provided to me by my fellow London Hombrewers Guild member John.  Tasting Notes.

March 2013: Son of Gnarly  - A bitter produced parti gyle style from the mash used to make Gnarly Roots. Tasting Notes.

March 2013: Gnarly Roots Barleywine - An unusual barleywine which is brewed normally, but then secondaried with Brettanomyces lambicus and Brettanomyces bruxellensis; yeasts typically found in Belgian-style sour beers.  Tasting #1 (Nov 2013).  Fancy-Schmancy Labels. Tasting #2 (Nov 2014). Tasting #3 (Aug 2015).

February 2013: Hopsteader - A traditional American IPA.  Hoppy and strong, just the way I like them. Will be tasted once carbonated. Tasting Notes.

February 2013: Q3 - A beer challenge from my brew club - 100% made with grocery store ingredients. Tasting notes.

January 2013: Merlins Mild - A traditional English mild, which unfortunately was too mild for my tastes. Tasting notes.


November 2012: 1040 Special Bitter - A classical English special bitter - named after its original gravity.  The best beer of 2012, hands-down! Tasting notes.

October 2012: Bad Santa - My annual Christmas beer.  This years session did not go as it usually does, but still produced a decent beer. [Brewing Update | NotesTasting notes | More Tasting Notes].

September 2012: Crepuscular Porter - A classical porter recipe.  One of the best beers of 2012. Tasting notes.

September 2012: Vestigial Bitter - Another beer formulated around using up some leftover grains and hops.  This time in the style of an English bitter. Tasting notes.

August 2012: Uberschuss European Ale - Vaguely based on an alt-beer formulation, this was a way of getting rid of some leftover ingredients.  It was pretty damned good. Tasting notes.

July 2012:  Parallax Pale Ale & La Lune Blue - My first two all-grain brews after re-starting my home brewery. No recipes, but tasting notes for both can be found by following the links.

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